TDI Technical Dive Training with DPT Scuba:

I have been a technical diver since 2009 with the vast majority of my dives taking place on sites in Port Philip Bay, and also the 'Shipwreck Graveyard' in Bass Strait. I have also travelled to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines with many more places to visit on the bucket list. In 2015 I became a TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures under the instruction of my good friend and mentor, Will Goodman, at Blue Marlin Dive Centre on Gili Trawangan. Since then I have been conducting courses in and around my home town of Geelong, Victoria.

In March of this year (2017) I completed my JJ-CCR instructor course with David Thompson in the UK. I am now not only able to teach JJ-CCR courses, but also offer full sales and support for the unit.

In every course I teach, and with every student I take on, my aim is to develop competent and confident divers. I am not in the business of rushing students through the minimum amount of training just to meet minimum standards. I like to maximise in water time with students combined with review of video footage in order develop quality technical diving skills. Thorough planning and execution of training dives then results in students feeling like they leave a course with the skill and experience to undertake these same dives unsupervised.

As with all courses at DPT Scuba, training is purchased, but certification is earned. This means you must meet ALL the required skills & standards before you will receive a certification card. Additional training to meet these requirements will incur additional costs.

I currently offer the following TDI technical diving courses:

For any questions or course enquiries, please use the contact form.